Kund Malir Beach - A Place Of Beauty and Joy Forever

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Kund Malir Beach is one of the most beautiful and precious gems of Pakistan located in Balochistan.

The weekend trips and excursions are some of the finest ways to relieve stress from your body and to let your soul free from all types of worries, problems, and bad thoughts.

Allah has blessed Pakistan with the most beautiful, exotic, and sensational tourist points that help in rejuvenating the tired soul with the feel of refreshment and calmness.

It is located in Hingol National Park about 150 km (93 mi) from zero point on Makran Coastal Highway. It is located 236.8 km (147.1 mi) west of Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan. 

Kund Malir is a beautiful desert beach with crystal blue water and waves over the white sand that attracts the passers-by. It is known as the desert beach due to the deep blue water of the Arabian Sea and the large sand dunes.

The water at the beach is crystal and refreshing. Whereas, the sand alongside it complements the natural beauty.

A popular beach

Kund Malir is labeled as “The World’s Best Beach for 2018”,(according to the Flight Network’s).

It is known as one of the topmost tourist attractions of Pakistan.

Kund Malir was in the list of Top 50 Asian Beaches in 2018 which is no doubt a remarkable position and a proud moment for Pakistan.

The reason for the popularity of this beach is that even after millions of visitors, the beach is still fresh and clean. It seems like the shoreline is untouched as it is free from pollution and any kind of trash.

This indicates the love of the people and the administrable staff of the beach that how calmly they behave at this spot.

The safe atmosphere, the pollution-free environment, and the serenity of nature are great enough to mark this place as the most delightful beaches of the world.  

Three attractions at one beach

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The sea, the mountain, and the desert!

Those who are interested in nature can view these all views in a single place, they are drawn to it like a magnet.

The sea is not much deeper than the other beaches of Pakistan like Hawks Bay, Mubarak Village, and Kaka Pir.

Day & night glamour at beach

Most tourists come here for a day trip but some people come here to spend the night on the shores of the beach.

The night time is also as fascinating and charming as the day one.

As the beach itself is unlit, the night sky is wonderful and it will be a pure joy for the people to be able to identify all the constellations in the velvety black sky above.

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Camping at KundMalir is a favorite weekend gateway for many people. People pitch a tent or join the tour groups that can make the destination in an air-conditioned vehicle and help set up the camp with a bonfire and barbeque dinner.

Whereas, if the people are in the area for a day more, they prefer exploring the Hingol National Park too as it is important from the historical point of view.

At Hingol National Park, there is a famous statue of a girl wearing a frock and a crown on the head. This statue is named after the visit of a famous Hollywood star named Angelina Jolie and is known as the “Princess of Hope”.

Princess of Hope and Sphinx are the popular attractions that are at a short drive from KundMalir on the N10.


Without any shadow of a doubt, it can be concluded the KundMalir is the most refreshing and exotic beach of Pakistan that offers numerous excursion points with crystal clear blue water.

Whether it’s a day time or night Kund Malir is the travelling destination of numerous people for finding people and relaxation. Due to its calming nature and safe atmosphere people not even hesitate to spent nights here.

Visiting Kund Malir in the days when the scorching sun rays are making it difficult to survive, this beach for sure offers relation with green scenery to calm the inner peace.

With the beauty of this beach along with the greenery, the colorful marine life, and the historical monuments, Kund Malir is a perfect tourist point to spend your day with your loved ones.