Hingol National Park - The Land Of Amazement

Hingol National Park or we can say that “The Land of Amazement” is the largest National Park of Pakistan which covers an area of about 1,650 sq. km (640 sq. mi).

Mata Temple Hingol
source: zameen.com

It is located in the Makran Coastal Region and is 190 km from Karachi in three districts namely the Gwadar, Awaran, and Lasbela.

Hingol Park was declared as the “National Park” in 1988.

Hingol national park is named after the Southern Part of Hangul River. This river flows along the shore of the Arabian Sea and is a place for a large number of marine life and waterfall.

Hingol National Park Wildlife

This largest national park of Pakistan is home to 35 species of Mammals, 65 species of Reptiles and Amphibians, and almost 185 species of Birds. This park forms a good habitat for the wild Sindh ibex, BalochistanUrial, and Chinkara.

Moreover, the River Hingol has been a home for crocodiles for many years. This species includes the Marsh Crocodile, Olive Ridley, and Green Marine Turtles that are now rarely found in the other areas of the world.

According to the resources, the Plumbeous Dolphins are also known as “Sousa Plumbea” has been observed in the onshore areas of the park.

Hingol National Park Famous For

Princes of Hope

Do you know that the famous Hollywood star “Angelina Jolie” visited Pakistan in 2002? She visited Hingol National Park and named the statue of a tall girl standing there the “Princess of Hope”.

source: discover-pakistan.com

The name of this statue become so popular, that it got recognition after many years of standing without any name.

The formation of this beautiful masterpiece appears to be so perfect by the skilled artisan. It was craved beautifully by skilled craftsmen and there is no mistake in transforming the rock into a princess with a crown on her head.

This tall princess looks so graceful and it seems as if she is hoping for something.

Mud Volcanoes

The Hingollive mud volcanoes are located in the Hingol National Park.

The mud volcano is a landform by the outburst of gases, water, and mud. It is designated as a volcano but it’s not like that of an active volcano and has volcanic eruption. This mud volcano only erupts out of the mud along with the methane gas.

Mud volcanoes are associated with subduction areas and the coastal area of ​​Makran coast. It is close to the confluence of three large tectonic plates – Eurasian, Arabian, and Indian plates.

There are about ten places in the Hingol and Hinglaj region with clusters of mud volcanoes, most notably the Chandragup and Khandewari volcanoes, sacred to Vedic pilgrims standing there on their way to Sri Mata Hinglaj.

Overall there are three mud volcanoes at Chandracup namely; Chandracup 1, Chandracup 2, and Chandracup 3.

The most active volcano in the Hingol national park is the Chandragup 1.

These famous live mud volcanos are an important stop for pilgrims on their way to Shri Hinglaj Mata Temple.

Nani Mata Temple

Nani Mata Temple or simply known as the “Hinjlaj Mata” is a Hindu Temple located in the Hingol National Park, Baluchistan. It is a very popular pilgrimage site for the sacred Hindus living in Pakistan.

Mata Temple Hingol
source: en.wikipedia.org

Furthermore, it is noticed that about 40,000 pilgrims come here every year in April which is considered as the “April Pilgrimage Season”.

When anyone visits the NaniMandir, a Priest give a brief introduction about all the fundamentals of the Hindu faith and traditions.

The opening of the large cave appears to be marked by bright colored flags and an immortal flame.

Pilgrims dive deep into the cave leaving the cave temple with its small opening, and it is thought to be reborn when it is completed.

Safety Measures

According to the recent Reports, 20 Staff Members, 18 Game Watchers, and 2 Deputy Rangers are assigned here to ensure the safety of the tourists. They are under the supervision of the Park Manager, who further reports to the Conservator and Sentry of wildlife.

Although Baluchistan is not a safe place to travel. But the Security Staff along with the help of the Government make sure to provide enough security to the travelers, tourists, and visitors to make their visit remarkable and unforgettable.