Nathia Gali - A Heaven On Earth

Alluring, dazzling, and fascinating, even these words are not enough to express the beauty of Nathia Gali.


NathiaGali is commonly narrated as “The Heaven on Earth”.

It is located about 8,000 feet above sea level. It is the most favored tourist destination in the Summers and Winters in the Galiyat Area of Pakistan.

NathiaGali is about 50 kilometers away from Islamabad and 370.2 kilometers from Lahore. It is approximately 32 kilometers (20 mi) away from both Murree and Abbottabad.

NathiaGali is a Hill station with a mountain resort town and it is located in the Abbottabad region which is commonly referred to as “The City of Pines” due to a lot of Pine Trees everywhere in this city.

Developed during the British colonial period, NathiaGali still holds the aura of the past colonies with buildings dating from the last century. Urban development in the area is restricted which has helped to maintain the peace and serenity of the area.

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Climate & Natural scenery

The atmosphere of NathiaGali is tranquil and placid which is enough to attract the travelers towards itself.

NathiaGali is famous for its charming beauty, hiking tracks, and pleasurable weather due to having the greater altitude in the Galiyat range.


The weather here is always cool, pleasant, and foggy in the Summer (1 May to 31 August).

During the Rainy Season (1 July to 16 September), Rain is expected almost daily. Cold winds begin to warm the climate in the Autumn. Winter (1 November to 28 February) is very cold and snowy.

In December and January, heavy snowfalls happen here almost every year. Whereas, the weather is always cold in the Spring.

Normal rainfall occurs annually here. Rainfall is between 1650mm and 1850mm annually. The natural beauty of NathiaGali is captivating and enchanting. It is the most famous tourist spot because of its beautiful green meadows, deep forests of oak, pine, and cedar.

NathiaGali has a congregation, St. Matthew’s, a remnant from the British era which is made utterly of wood. It is located on a mountainside with a beautiful panorama overlooking Kashmir.

Nathia Gali Wild Life Park

NathiaGali is famous for the various species of insects, butterflies, birds, and animals. It is the home of the world’s big cats; the common leopard and the snow leopard.


Some bird species are seen here passing through the park on migration. During Summers, beautiful horses are frequently seen roaming here. The adults and the children prefer riding these horses to enjoy the scenic beauty to feel pleasure and contentment.

The Rhesus Monkeys are the best-known species of the Old Monkey World. They are often seen here and they amazed the travelers with their clever tricks and moves. People take selfies with them to capture a memorable moment. Birds include; Golden eagle, Himalayan Griffon vulture, Honey buzzard, Peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Hill pigeon, Spotted dove, and Collared dove are found here.

Furthermore, Black bears, Masket civet, Asiatic leopard, Himalayan palm civet, and Rhesus Macaque are some of the mammals that are found here. The Major Fauna& Flora includes;Blue pine, Oak, Blue pine, Asia barred Owlet, Large flying squirrel, Palm civet, Wild rose, and Peony.

A famous picnic point

Apart from its beautiful scenic views, NathiaGali is also a picnic point for many people.

If you are planning to visit the NathiaGali area, remember that historically Galiyat has been a summer tourist destination since colonial times.


There is a highly controlled development in the cities in the region to maintain the beauty of the region. When most activities are limited to exploring the environment and enjoying the beautiful weather during the hot summer season across the country.

Temperatures can drop dramatically even in the middle of Summer in the Galiyat area, so carrying your jackets or skirts is a good idea when planning your trip.

The most common activities in the region include:

Travel tracks (pipeline trek between donga Gali and Ayubia)

Chairlift in Ayubia

Picnic places

Walk to Lalazar and Mushkpuri Tops.

Most of the people drive back to Abbottabad after a day’s journey from NathiaGali. Abbottabad has many fine restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas.