Gorakh Hill - The Murree of Sindh

Road to Gorakh HIll

Pakistan is endowed with inexhaustible natural beauty, with several tourist hotspots in the country’s northern regions. One amoung them is Gorakh Hill Sindh.

 However, recent developments in the tourism sector have resulted an increase in tourists activities of the country’s southern regions, with most visitors from Karachi heading either to Balochistan and its coastal strip or to interior Sindh. Gorakh Hill Station, also known as the ‘Murree of Sindh,’ is a tourism hotspot in Sindh located along the Kirthar Mountain Range.

Gorakh Hill Station, is one of Pakistan’s most popular and appealing tourist destinations. Gorakh is much more than Sindh’s ‘Murree.’ It is breathtakingly beautiful and magical. It has been a popular destination for historians from all over the world because it is rich in history and historical events. For bird watchers and photographers, the area is a gold mine.

Our Gorakh Hill Tour of (02 Days/01 Night) is perfect for people who are nature lovers and adventurers and are looking for a weekend getaway.

Gorakh Hill Station Map

Karachi to Gorakh hills

It is located at a height of 5,688 feet (1,734 m). In the Sindh Segment of the Kirthar Mountains Range, 94 kilometres north-west of Dadu. Gorakh Hill Station is spread across 2,500 acres on one of Sindh’s highest plateaus (10 km2)

The distance between Karachi and Gorakh is approximately 400 kilometres and is located approx 200 KM away from Hyderabad City.

About Gorakh Hill station

Gorakh Hill was discovered in the 1860s during the British Raj and developed and launched as a hill station in 1989. However, due to the slow pace of developments, this tourist attraction in Sindh has remained hidden from both domestic and international visitors.

The route from the nearest settlement of Wahi Pandhi was completed in 2007, making the hill station much more accessible to the average traveller, resulting in its gradual popularity over the years.

Gorakh Hill Station now has access to electricity and water, but the roads are in poor condition and there is little cell coverage. The amazing panoramic views you can get if you dare to hike to the top are what keep people coming back to this location.

 A restaurant, campsite, and motel are also now available to visitors to the area, with plans to develop and pave the route to the hill station in the coming years to make it easier to reach.

The journey

The road twists and turns through the mountains for 50 kilometres before reaching the Yaroo Pass. The journey continues in the mountains for another 70 kilometres until you reach the base camp of Kirthar’s highest pass. The drive then continues for about 10 kilometres on a zig-zag, scenic route. When you travel along these routes, you will forget about any other exciting places you have visited, whether in North Pakistan or elsewhere. In their amazing and thrilling jeeps, the skilled drivers will transport you to the Gorakh Hill Station.

Jeep rides are an important part of the journey. Because no other mode of transportation can reach the hill station. The feeling of a cool breeze against your face as you sit in open jeeps on dangerous yet beautiful roads is one you don’t want to miss. The journey, as they say, is more beautiful than the destination.

Gorakh Hill Station Weather

Gorakh Hills Snowfall

Gorakh has a unique climate, with sub-zero temperatures in winter and temperatures generally below 20 °C (68 °F) in summer, and an annual rainfall of about 120 mm. Gorakh receives a small amount of snowfall unexpectedly in some winters.

Night life at Gorakh

bonfire at gorakh hill station

Gorakh Hill Station is well-known for its nightlife, particularly its bonfires.Gorakh camping is a popular weekend destination for many people. People pitch tents or join the groups and assist in setting up the camp with a bonfire and barbeque dinner.

The incredible camping experience at Gorakh Hill can be a memory to cherish for a lifetime. During the winter, the weather in Gorakh hills is bitterly cold.

Sunset and sunrise at Gorakh


The sunrise and sunset at Gorakh hill station must be seen because they depict the beauty of the creator of the world. The magic of the sky’s colours during these times should not be overlooked. Because they never look the same. Getting the sun in the right position is the most difficult aspect of photography. The game begins when the sun is close to the horizon. Make a piece of art that incorporates the sun. The chirping of birds makes the sunrise even more beautiful.

Things to keep in mind before visiting Gorakh Hill

  • The ride in the jeep can be rough. Consider it like riding a roller coaster.
  • Asthmatics may experience breathing difficulties at high altitudes.
  • In the winter, be prepared for extremely cold nights and foggy mornings.