Fairy Meadows is one of the most popular and beautiful hiking destinations in Pakistan, and for legitimate reasons. With an incredible view of Nanga Parbat, Pakistan’s highest mountain, second only to K2, at 8,125 metres, it is regarded as one of the most reachable hikes, allowing you to see an 8,000-meter-high mountain without committing to a multi-day trek.

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How to get to Fairy Meadows?

The journey to Fairy Meadows necessitates bravery and muscular endurance. The jeep ride from Raikot Bridge is thrilling, with plenty of adrenaline rushes.

You’ll need to take a jeep from Raikot Bridge to get to Fairy Meadows. After a while, the road leading to Tattu village becomes quite narrow, necessitating the services of a skilled driver.

 After about an hour’s drive, the jeep track will come to an end about a kilometre ahead of Tattu village, and from there, one must walk.You’ll need to take a jeep from Raikot Bridge to get to Fairy Meadows. After a while, the road leading to Tattu village becomes quite narrow, necessitating the services of a skilled driver. After about an hour’s drive, the jeep track will come to an end about a kilometre ahead of Tattu village, and from there, one must walk.

Beyal Base Camp

After leaving Fairy Meadows, the trail winds through forest high on the hillside above the Raikot Glacier’s western bank. The trail provides numerous views of the majestic Nanga Parbat in the distance.It will take about 60 minutes to walk to the beginning of Beyal Camp. Beyal Camp is a small village where the locals have built a restaurant, cabins, and a campsite. Beyal Camp does not have electricity, but it has a lot more solitude and peace than Fairy Meadows. Beyal Camp is spread out along the valley, and walking through the village will take about 15 minutes.

Fairy Meadows Weather

Fairy Meadow in Pakistan is best visited between May and September, when temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is minimal. In Fairy Meadow, the average temperature is 26°C in July and 4°C in January.

The continental climate prevails in Fairy Meadow. If you’re curious about the average temperature in Fairy Meadow or when the most precipitation (rain or snow) falls, a summary is provided below. You’ll be better prepared this way.


Fairy Meadows road conditions

Fairy Meadows Road is a spectacular and dangerous high mountain track located in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region. The gravel road is in a bad state of disrepair, There are no guardrails to keep you safe, and it becomes so narrow near the end that you’ll have to walk or bike the last section.Drivers must be cautious because the pass has been known to take the lives of inattentive drivers.

This dangerous trail begins at the infamous Karakoram Highway and ends at the village of Tato, near Fairy Meadows, a picturesque destination at an altitude of about 3,300 metres above sea level.

Because it is a ‘treacherous high altitude, unstable, and narrow mountain road,’ it was named the world’s second deadliest highway in 2013. Avalanches and heavy snowfalls can occasionally block some sections of the road and create extremely dangerous patches of ice.

Fairy Meadows Beauty


Fairy Meadows, also known as Joot in local parlance, is a beautiful, lush green grassland located near one of the base camps of Nanga Parbat Mountain and Raikot Glacier. The name was given by a Japanese photographer, Fujita Heroki, and it is well-deserved. After a 24-hour journey from Islamabad, the first glimpse of Nanga Parbat acts as a magic wand, lifting all your fatigue.

When planning a vacation, one seeks a location that combines solace, enjoyment, thrill, romance, and adventure. Similarly, when planning a vacation to Pakistan’s ever-expanding northern areas, which have a wide range of geographical palettes, one can expect to find a little bit of everything, such as forests, plains, rocky roads, snow-capped mountains, towering glaciers, sun, snow, and plenty of rain. Surprisingly, fairy meadows is that type of vacation spot.

Night camping at Nanga Parbat

Camping at Nanga Parbat is well-known among tourists due to the night sky full of stars. The incredible camping experience at Nanga Parbat is something to remember for a lifetime. The stars illuminate the sky on a night that dazzles the eyes and hearts. A hot cup of tea and the peaceful stillness of the night will undoubtedly humble and enchant you.



There are several privately owned lodging options. These primarily consist of cabin-style lodging as well as grassy camping areas. The majority are in Fairy Meadows, but Beyal Camp also has cabins and camping (about a 45 minute hike beyond Fairy Meadows).

Green Land Hotel

The Greenland Hotel is in the heart of Fairy Meadows. It is made up of a central block with the kitchen and restaurant, as well as a number of detached cabins and a grass camping area.

Shambala Hotel

Shambala Hotel is about 200 metres from the majority of the other lodging options. This means it may be a little more peaceful than, say, the Greenland Hotel or Raikot Serai.

Raikot Serai

The hotel we will be staying at during our tour is Raikot Serai.


Raikot Serai is located in Fairy Meadows and has direct views of Nanga Parbat. There are several cabins on the property, as well as a large flat grassy lawn for camping.

Management and staff have received extensive training in environmental awareness and socially responsible behaviour. These issues are given special attention as part of efforts to preserve the area’s ecological constituents.

Raikot Serai is well-known among mountaineers and trekkers for its thrilling Nanga Parbat experience. The Raikot Glacier can be seen yawning beneath the North face of Killer Mountain from the Sarai lodges. Fairy Meadows, which is densely forested, gets its name from the legend that fairies inhabit the meadow, and the campsite is truly magical. Guests can stay in bed-and-breakfast cottages with attached bathrooms or tents.