Burns Road Karachi – Where The Flavor Exhilarates You!

High-quality food, heavenly taste, and pleasant environment. Burns Road Karachi Food Street is the promised land for all food lovers.

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Burns Road is located in the Heart of Pakistan, the “City of Lights”, Karachi.

Karachi is the most populated city in Pakistan with a population of approximately 15 million people (according to the 2017 Census). It is a city of a great diversity of people, food, and culture from all over Pakistan.

Burns Road Karachi History

Karachi Burns Road is the biggest and oldest street.

The prestigious Burns Road got its name from the famous Scottish Doctor named “James Burnes”, who worked for the Raj in the 19th century in Sindh.

Although the street changed its name after the partition to “Muhammad Bin Qasim Road” but the road continues to enjoy its ancient name.

According to a city planner and architect, Mr. Arif Hasan Burns Road was constructed in 1870 and initially act as an artillery training and practice center for the British Army.

Best Food Hub

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Karachi Burns Road offers the best Food Hub in the city. It’s the busiest street in the town due to the gatherings of huge crowds.

Whenever you pass through this road, you can smell the fragrance of peppery Tikka Boti and other mouth-watering foods. Every cuisine here is palatable and pocket-friendly, which is the best part of this well-known food street.

When you will visit Burns Road, you will see the stalls of Channa Chat, Halwapuri, Kachori, DahiBaray, and GolGappy separately.

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Other than the stalls, restaurants are also available with proper dining, offering a large variety of food that includes Haleem, Sajji, Sindhi Biryani, Kababs, Barbecue, Handi, Prawns, Fish, Neehari and much more.

Even if you are not hungry, your mouth will still crave for the food by sensing the mouth-watering smell of the food and you will hurriedly go for picking chairs at your desired restaurant or food stall.

No fancy presentation or formalities, it’s the serious eating here.

Just delicious and divine food.

Famous Food Of Burns Road

1. Cafe Lazeez's Makhan-khattakat

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This restaurant is famous for its “Kattakat” dishes. The owner of the restaurant helps you to select the items that you want to eat in your Kattakat.

2. Agha Sajji's (Sajji & Karachi)

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Delicious Sajji and Karahi is the specialty of this restaurant.

If you haven’t been there, then probably you are missing out the yummy and pleasant taste of Karachi. Their special species are famous and worth dying for.

3. Mazedar Haleem's Haleem-Nan combination

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Haleem is the most famous dish during the Ashura days. It is widely distributed in homes and colonies.

Mazedar Haleem’s Haleem with their Nan combination is attracting more people to this restaurant.

4. Food Center Biryani

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Spicy and delectable biryani is the specialty of Karachities. It is the light of every wedding ceremony in Karachi. If you are a Karachitie and Biryani is not your love, it’s almost impossible to believe!

The Food center also has a separate hall upstairs for families.

5. FRESCO Bakery Dahi Barray

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DahiBarray is a special dish that adds value at every table during Aftar time in Ramadan.

Don’t forget to visit the FRESCO bakery if you want to enjoy the best DahiBarray.

Traffic Conditions

Not a single day goes by when the street is free from people and crowds.

The Burns Road is a two-way road that is always crowded with people and traffic. Due to its double parking on either side, there are huge possibilities that you may be caught in traffic for hours.

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At peak hours, the restaurants are packed with people and the roads are packed with the cars. This makes it difficult for people to cross the road.

However, the administration of Karachicity has recently announced to turn this busiest road into “traffic-free” to provide a better atmosphere, so that more people can enjoy the luxurious taste here.

If your taste buds crave delicious food, then don’t forget to visit the Karachi Burns Road Food Street. Once you will visit, you will desire more.