Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Traveling is a fun where you see different places, explore different cultures and experience different adventures. But this fun can be make memorable only if you avoid traveling mistakes.

However, many people just pack their bags and leave! Due to their excitement to travel and explore they didn’t go through with the minor details particularly. However, it might result in bad experiences, financial loses, lack of reputation, panic attacks, anxiety, stress etc.

Travel Mistakes to Avoid (2)

For making your traveling easy and care free, we have listed some of the most important parameters that you must consider while traveling.

Top 8 Travel Mistakes One Should Avoid

1. Having an Over Ambitious Itinerary

There is nothing wrong if you desire to see many destinations in a single trip. But if you see it practically it cannot be happening in just a single trip. The possibilities are very low.

So, if you find a need to change your plan, do it immediately!

Be flexible and realistic. Otherwise may face severe problems physically, mentally and emotionally.

2. Over Packing

We often get excited and travel a lot of stuff for our trip. No! don’t do this mistake.

Over packing

Be smart, and pack your bag efficiently. Don’t overload it as it can cause you to pay extra at the airport and you might run out of money due to underestimating the overall budget.

Just keep in mind that if you are looking good while traveling it’s because you are happy and in a good mood not because of what you are wearing.

3. Never book connection flights with a short transit time

This is the most important factor which can save you with big losses.

Never ever book your connected flights with such a short transit time to avoid the stay.

Because if your first flight will get late due to rain, snow or any other reason you might miss the second flight because the late arrival of first flight will not affect the timings of the second flight.

So, try to book your connection flights at least 3-4 hours after your first flight.

4. Complete Reliance on the Guide Books

Guide books can be read during your traveling to get an idea about your destination but never rely complete on that.

No doubt, guide books are published for your convenience but the books don’t change after every time interval.

Reliance on the Guide Books

Sometimes the country changes its policy or rules about a particular place and there is a possibility that it got changed after the publication of the book. So, in that case the book is of no use.

5. Never underestimating the budget

Budget is an important factor that can either make your trip a luxurious one or a stressful one.

Always overestimated the budget before traveling. Keep a handsome amount and don’t store all of your money at a single pace.

Other than the handbag or wallet you can store your money in a tissue box, towel, pair of shoes, pair of socks, makeup bag, book etc.

Also, never forget to make a currency change before leaving home as the airports will cause you much extra amount to pay for currency exchange.

6. Double checking all the documents

There are many documents which you need to pack before traveling. The documents can be your National Identity Card, Visa, Passport, Ticket, Financial Insurance, Debit/Credit Cards etc.

checking all the documents

Double check all the necessary documents that you will need before or after your traveling. Keep a proper record and put the photocopies of the documents too along with you.

7. Not doing proper research

When you are going to travel, you need to do the proper research about the places where you will go.

Sometimes the countries have very stick policies for the tourists and travelers that you have to follow in any case and you can’t argument on that.

To be on the safe side, do proper research before leaving home about all the places; where you will go and where you will stay.

8. Too much Drinking

Drink plenty of water or fresh juices during traveling.

Especially if you are traveling in Summers or in hot climates drink more and more water so that you won’t get dehydrated.

Too much Drinking

Avoid drinking coffee in hot climates as it will dehydrate your body. Also, don’t drink too much alcohol as it can make you unconscious and you might face serious problems because of it.

Consume adequate amount of water during traveling.


Happy Traveling! Lets Plan your trips……..