Kumrat Valley - A Reflectance of Heaven On Earth

The word ‘travel’ does not mean luxury hotels, superstructures, or high-rise buildings…


Rather it is the notation of a gateway that connects us with nature, clean air, skies, and stargazing.


Fortunately, Allah (S.W.T) has blessed Pakistan with remarkable and incomparable natural beauty. Pakistan is full of scenic, glorious and wonderful places just waiting to be explored.

One of which is the Kumrat Valley, which is truly an “Undiscovered Gem”.

A little bit about Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley...

A valley known for its beautiful deodar forest is located in the Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The main attractions are winsome waterfalls, lush green pastures, mountains with enormous height, and peaceful lakes.

Kumrat valley put forward, camping, boating, climbing, and trekking for just the right adventure seekers.

The most ideal season to visit kumrat is in the summers because kumrat valley in winters bring layers of snow, making navigation a real challenge.

Way to Kumrat:

From Lahore to Kumrat Valley

The expedition of Kumrat location marks the beginning from Lahore diverted to swat motorway then finally to Timergara in 10 hours (approx.).


From Islamabad to Kumrat Valley

People traveling from Islamabad especially foreigners should start from the Peshawar motorway till Rashakai interchange. Then follow along the route through Malakand and Batkhela which joins Timergara.

An hour from Timergara a road towards Sheringel will take you to Thall and then Kumrat Valley. 

A sojourn to Thall Kumrat

Hire a Jeep.

Prepare for an uneven rocky ride & drive from Thall.


The entrance to Kumrat valley also gives an exposure to a small village named Thall. It’s a pretty attractive village with basic amenities.

Thall market is the most famous market here. If you need some stuff before mounting up, you can easily grab it from here.

The people of Thall village are nice and friendly. They will happily accommodate you if you need any help or assistance. This beautiful village is a hub for traders of the Kurram Agency of Pakistan and adjoining areas.

Camp or not?

The hassle of staying has also been resolved by locals, they offer hotel rooms at a very low cost, for an overnight stay.

But why save the fun of camping in Kumrat Forest?

But, make sure to camp next to the river (Panjkora River), so you don’t miss out on the fun of fishing and cold fresh splashes of water.


You can either hire a camp at a very cheap cost or set the camp of your own. Basic food facilities are available after every camp. However, the options are costly and limited as well so bringing your food and snack would be more preferable.

List of few Kumrat Valley Hotels are as follows

  • Panjkora Hotel and Resort
  • Said Nawab Huts
  • Kumrat Glamping Resorts
  • Moon Light Motels Kumrat 

Kumrat waterfalls

At a short distance from the river, Kumrat waterfall is located.


This is not it, the sight of breathtaking waterfalls with serenity, tranquility, and calmness is extraordinary.

The trek is not even here, so don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes here.

But, once you visit here, you will find it worthy, one just cannot leave without bathing in the coolest crystal clear water.

Places, must see in Kumrat

Even if you have visited the Kurmat Valley, I can say that you haven’t seen all its attractions.


Some of the most Kumrat Valley visiting places are:

  • Kala Chashma
  • Chahrot Banda
  • Trek to Katora Lake
  • Jandrai Village
  • Badagoi Pass
  • Wooden Canals
  • Panjkora River
  • Dojanga

These are some of the beautiful spots in Kurmat Valley to visit for a memorable trip.

All these spots are located at some distance from Kumrat. So, it’s more recommended to bring a travel guide along with you. They will help you to navigate in true means.

Government initiative

This valley is the most beautiful part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to daily dawn, the government may also develop the road from Kumrat to Kalam, especially from a safety point-of-view, aside from providing better policing in the area.

Without any doubt,

Kurmat Valley is a place where you can observe the reflectance of heaven, the snow capped mountains, the beautiful green pasture, cozy waterfalls, the water so clear that fishes are visible underneath, fresh air, and clean surroundings.

Aren’t these a part of our imagined heaven?